weliveonfiction said:
you haven't updated in a long time :C everything okay?

I don’t usually answer asks publicly, but since I haven’t been around I guess I owe my 4000-some followers an explanation.

Everything’s perfectly fine, but I’m sort of busy, I’ve been juggling jobs recently, and I’m preparing to go back to college in the fall. I capture all of the screenshots and make all of the gifs for this blog myself, which is very time-consuming and I simply haven’t been able to devote my energy to it in a while. I still have three-and-a-half seasons’ worth of episodes to sift through (and the movie?), so the ETA on this blog’s next update mostly depends on me having a large chunk of time on my hands with which to finish what I started. Tumblr has changed their gif rules since I last made any as well, so I’m hoping to remake and repost my old gifs in better quality before I start filling up my queue again.

I do regularly keep up with all of the messages and fanmail I receive, though, and even if I won’t get to them very soon, I still accept requests if you have them. I have no intention of closing or abandoning this blog, I just don’t know when exactly I can start updating again.


When Captain Righteous says “Not so fast”, you should either slow down or (preferably) stop!

You three can fly!

Lift… heavy… objects…

and laser beam people, pew pew pew!